Compliance monitoring backup

Compliance monitoring backup


Processing of Funding
Funds are received into a separate bank account. Payments are made from this account. Invoices are prepared by School Admin. Payments are prepared by Stephenie Langton and authorised by Andrea Hooper.

Our TSP is Pickering Motors Limited.

transport allowance

Not applicable here

transport contracts

Our TSP is Pickering Motors Limited. This contract was tendered in 2017. The initial contract term expires at the end of 2025.

Our Network Manager is School Admin. The value of this agreement is not high enough that the government Procurement Rules would require a contestible process.

network agreement

The Network Agreement describes how our transport committee is constituted, how decisions are made and how finances are managed. The current agreement expires at the end of 2024.

health and safety system

We maintain a documented system of policies, procedures, registers and forms. These re reviewed on a regular basis as appropriate. Risk registers, for example, are reviewed more often than policies.